Women start businesses in their garage too.

In 2103, Cynthia Reaves built Argento Studios (As), a multimedia production studio in Fort Collins, Colorado, for her freelance company, in her home.

In 2016, Argento Studios became a website and a home for Cynthia’s master’s thesis about developing a music city, fostering content around the Fort Collins music hub.

In 2020, Argento Studios developed a digital publication, Il Rivestimento D’argento |The Silver Lining|Shiny stories of hope, adversity, and change, in a detached garage in Old Town Fort Collins.

Cynthia is a technically oriented multimedia producer, experienced in all areas of content development. Over the last seven years, she has partnered with multiple online and legacy outlets to help them master the shift to mobile, digital platforms and expand their audience reach.

Her experience running content development groups means she can both create freestanding content herself and manage a team of creatives to get on-time, high standard work for publication deadlines while retaining the best in diverse, dedicated contributors.

Shiny story contributors are from Northern Colorado writing about the creative arts community, the stories of their lives, their art, and their passions. Particularly how they have overcome or discovered their silver lining.

Argento Studios are women-led, and women-owned, welcoming stories from and about BIOPC, LGBTQIA+, single moms, and underserved populations.

Argento Studios is a social enterprise that donates portions of their income to organizations with a good cause to serve the community’s social good.