DreamN2020. Solidarity March

As rallies and protests and demonstrations continue throughout the country, Julius Philpot, a Northern Colorado resident, Colorado State University alumnus, and activist, is bringing his vision of equality activism to Fort Collins on August 28th for the DreamN2020 Solidarity March at the CSU Oval – 900 Oval Drive, Ft. Collins, Colorado, 4 p.m.

Mr. Philpot has been organizing this march and demonstration with a specific goal – “to educate and unite by not only bringing people within the community together but leaders, activists, and other organizations within the immediate community to push the same message.”

Image provided by Julius Philpot.

With a focus on education and community involvement, Philpot is hoping to proactively answer the questions that he sees come out of the many demonstrations that he’s participated in throughout the last few months –

“What do I do next?”, “What should I educate myself on?” “How can I spread the message?”

Image provided by Julius Philpot.

The solidarity march highlights the local divide through historical and educational demonstrations, storytelling, and time spent honoring victims of racism, “I am also hoping to bring people to a realization that these issues are here within our own community. I am hopeful that people will step up and accept the calling to help end these issues by being contagious to spreading change through the action of education,” says Julius.

Image provided by Julius Philpot.

Collaboration and partnership with other local organizations include – CSU Black Student Alliance, FOCO PIE, CSU Black Student Union, Stories Without Borders, People’s Initiative for Equity, NOCO Safe Space LGBTQIA+.

The DreamN2020 Solidarity March is on Friday, August 28th at 4 p.m., at the CSU Oval – 900 Oval Drive, Ft. Collins, Colorado.

Organizers ask that all attendees maintain a safe and peaceful presence.

Amanda Waddell

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