The Evolution of the Downtown Artery

Musicians, and artists, and performers, oh my! Since its beginning, the Downtown Artery has made its multi-faceted space known for being an inclusive ecosystem for creatives to grow and flourish. As part of the building’s evolution, the Artery has opened its doors to the public for them to be part of each new installation by making every nook and cranny unique and a source of inspiration for all. How can you be part of each art installation, meet other creatives, and learn new multi-media techniques? Become a member of the Star Cluster Initiative.
With the Artery changing its hours, new times have been allotted to learn and create before the cafe and bar open at 4 p.m. Mon-Fri. If these opportunities and experiences seem interesting to you, please tune in to the Downtown Artery’s website and Facebook page, or just come on down to the corner of Linden and Jefferson to see what they have to offer. The cluster is undoubtedly a safe space for you to explore your creativity.

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