The Ghost Ship Digital Compilation and Fundraiser at Downtown Artery


DJ Anna and Echo live in Fort Collins but felt very connected to the Ghost Ship devastation that happened in Oakland. They knew that the community of Fort Collins could do more than contribute worry. They joined forces with the Downtown Artery and created the Ghost Ship Fundraiser.


The Fundraiser was a concert that took place on 1/21/2017 featuring 3 local acts:


The Ugly Architect

Maxwell Hughes

Madelyn Burhs

In addition, one national touring act Tristen.

Tristen is set to launch Nat Geo at the Sundance Film Festival.

They also recorded a 10-track compilation for purchase. This has only Fort Collins recording artist. All proceeds benefit the Ghost Ship Fund.

So far they have had great success with the support of the local community. Anna realizes the value of a DIY network of artist and how powerful it can be to support one another.

If you feel compelled to help in any way, please visit the links below.

You can download the album here: Fort Collins Friends Comp for the Victims at the Ghost Ship

Want to learn more about the fund? Click here:Relief, Recovery, and Resiliency Fund for Oakland Fire








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